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Flyers are buyers…

Have you noticed that some of the world’s biggest brands are visible and investing in travel media? Ever wondered why?

I imagine most publishers approach ABC day the same way that Vince Vaughn reads his film reviews. Dutifully, but with a gnawing sense of resignation. After all, there’s nothing like a page full of YoY% and PoP% minus signs to get the print doomlords and naysayers rubbing their hands in glee. 

As the Californian dust settles following Denver Broncos’ 24-10 victory in Super Bowl 50, the debate over the value the event represents for brands is far from over. Many commentators argue that the $5m price tag for a 30 second spot is ridiculously inflated, while others maintain it makes smart business sense (and, let’s face it, didn’t deter the likes of Amazon, Toyota and Budweiser from reaching for their wallets).

It’s been over a year since we launched the #hemigram social media campaign in United Airlines’ Hemispheres magazine. The idea is beautifully simple: each month we invite readers to share photos of themselves with the magazine to their social media feed, with no incentive other than the chance of being featured in the next issue of the magazine.  

Print Still Matters - Part 2

Welcome to the concluding post from the talk titled Print Still Matters, at the 2016 New York Times Travel Show. If you haven’t already, read Part 1 to see my review on the 3 reasons why print still matters. In this post, I’ll explore the relationship between print and digital in the travel space.

Last week, I was invited to speak at the New York Times Travel Show about whether print still matters. So it won’t surprise you to learn that on a panel full of editors and publishers that were all shouting loudly and positively as to why: Print Still Matters!

When you think about winter travels – your mind may conjure up a blissful image of log cabins, a snowy mountaintop, a chairlift and some après ski – or you may imagine golden beaches, swaying palm trees and the hot sun.

At Ink we’re always finding ways to help modern marketeers understand how that they can reach consumers on the go through travel media solutions. A common topic of discussion usually revolves around explaining what transumers are and how marketers can connect to this key audience. 

The key aviation industry bodies in the USA are projecting that 25.3 million passengers will travel globally on USA airlines in the next few days of thanksgiving. This is up around 3% on recent years and showing the strength of the aviation market today

When you consider the disruptive changes that have revolutionized industries in the last 30-40 years it’s hard to think of many that have had more impact than the low-cost business model has to the airline industry. Today, low-cost airlines account for 36% of the overall aviation market in Europe. However, the perception of people flying with low-cost airlines as being low-cost consumers persists


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