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Growth: Global passenger numbers will double by 2035


Engagement: 74% of people read inflight media on the plane


Retention: Passengers are 50% more engaged consuming media on board than on the ground.

What does Ink do?

What does Ink do?

As the market leader, we deliver valuable revenues for our partners, reaching over 1 billion consumers a year. As the travel industry continues to grow, travel media grows with it. Ink is uniquely placed in today’s media landscape to maximise on this growing exposure.

What does Ink do?
Where is Ink based?

Where is Ink based?

Where is Ink based?

Our headquarters is in London and we have global offices in Miami, New York, Singapore, São Paulo and Abu Dhabi. We are also a proud member of The Stagwell Group, a US-based collective of pioneering digital-first marketing and media agencies.

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