Inflight magazines by Ink

Place your brand in the hands of the most valuable audience in print. Our magazines are in front of millions of engaged passengers every day, as they sit back, relax and enjoy a rare moment of uninterrupted peace.

Inflight Magazines

Our portfolio includes 30 inflight magazines in ten languages. Put your brand in front of millions of passengers daily through the inflight magazine advertisements.

The magazines are read for an average of 25 minutes by 97% of passengers: affluent consumers and business decision makers in a highly captive environment. In short: YOUR customer travels.


Digital Editions

Much of our award-winning content is also available online, on all the key digital platforms allowing your brand to make an impact both on and off board.

Our digital editions:

Magazine websites and airline content hubs
Interactive digital editions embedded within inflight entertainment and airline
Wi-Fi portals
Dedicated mobile and tablet apps
Monthly email updates to digital subscribers


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