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Carefully handpicked from every corner of Europe our multilingual family is the reason we are doing so well. Jam-packed with individuality and originality each team brings something different and unique. To learn more about what it’s like to be part of the world’s best sales team apply for our Vacancies or join our Talent Pool.
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Team Brussels Airlines

“If you’re bursting with creativity and flair, the Brussels Airlines team is the one for you. We approach markets in innovative ways and aim to outshine the ordinary. We are very proud to represent the Belgian national carrier; Belgium is a thriving hub of Europe and we are a part of that. Join the hottest and cheekiest ladies team on the sales floor – you'll learn, you'll challenge yourself, you'll laugh and you'll always have fun. Be ready to b.inspired!”

Advertising Director, b.inspired magazine – Caroline Fontaine

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Team easyJet

“easyJet is a dynamic and fast-paced sales team. We pride ourselves in not only achieving personal and team goals, but SMASHING them. You will laugh a lot with your colleagues but remain focused on being the best. easyJet is not for the feint hearted but the rewards are immense, both financially and in terms of opportunities to see parts of the world you dream of. Don’t take my word for it, come and see the team and let them tell you.”

Advertising Director, Traveller magazine – Phil Castle

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Team Eurowings

"Team Wings is nuts! The team is extremely funny, unpredictable, smart and open minded – and we like to eat a lot! We usually start our day playing ball, freestyle, then end our day with a laugh. In the meantime, everyone is driven to achieving our targets with the end goal in mind. Every member of the team wants to become better every day and we support each other along the way.”

Advertising Director, Wings magazine – Denise Jaschke

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Team Norwegian

“The Norwegian team is arguably the most energetic, fun-filled, dynamic team, that prides itself on teamwork and positive thinking. We thrive on over-achieving on targets set for us, and ensure we have a lot of fun in the process. This is your chance to run your own business within a business; you decide how much you want to earn each month. This is not a job for those who want an average lifestyle, this is for those who want more from life.”

Advertising Director, N by Norwegian magazine – Par Svalas

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Team Thomas Cook

“Come and join Thomas Cook Travel and work as part of the UK’s largest travel brand. The team has a ‘work hard play hard’ mindset – we get the job done as well as filling the days with laughter and plenty of banter. Start your day off right with a kickaround in the morning, then get straight into business driving the sales floor with hard work and inspiring conversations. Hard-working, fun people need only apply.”

Advertising Director, Travel magazine – Andy Gibson

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Team Wizz Air

“Working on the Wizz team is always fun, always surprising and always full of challenges. We identify as a wolf pack and, just like a wolf pack, everyone has an important role. If you act within the parametres of your role, the whole pack succeeds; when things fall apart, so does the pack. ‘For the strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack’ – Rudyard Kipling”

Advertising Director, Wizz magazine – Brano Haar

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