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12 May 2020
Written by
Sanyika "The Firestarter" Street
Reading time
2 mins 30

Where are you going to go - and who are you going to hug first?

Right now, travellers across the planet are beginning to think about their first trip. The stories we tell across our travel media will help them to make that decision, but what will that travel future really look like? We have a story about that, too

How will we actually feel when we’re able to travel again? What’s the first thing we’ll do? What will the world even look like?

As a company that inspires the travel choices of more than 1.5bn people a year through the magazines, video and digital content that we produce for some of the world’s biggest airlines, this is a question that’s been on our minds of late.

In April 2020, we began work on a creative collaboration that set out to provide an answer.

In these uncertain times, when the overwhelming majority of coverage about travel is understandably downbeat, we wanted to deliver a message of positivity to both travellers and our partners in the industry. So, we reached out to Sanyika ‘The Firestarter’ Street to help us to tell that story, using his singular storytelling skills.

There’s no doubt that these are one of – if not the – most challenging circumstances that global tourism has ever faced, but there is also good reason to be hopeful about what happens next – as we hope you’ll agree when you watch our short film.

Taking about five weeks to conceive, write and produce, ‘A Whole New World’ was a true product of the paradigm shift that Covid-19 has brought on. It was shaped over Zoom meetings between London, Los Angeles and Bristol, video edits and script amends carried out over WhatsApp, and a steady stream of audio files whizzing back and forth across the Atlantic. At no point was anyone actually in a room with each other.

Yet despite all this – or perhaps because of it – this piece of audio/visual storytelling manages to describe the world right now in a way that uniquely captures the moment.

And when it imagines what waits for us beyond lockdown, that’s when it really comes alive. In celebrating the transformative power of travel; and highlighting all the new ways we’ll all embrace the world around us – and the people within it – ‘A Whole New World’ makes a compelling promise that better days are yet to come.

We hope our film inspires you as much in viewing it, as it has us in making it; and we also hope it gets you thinking right now, where – and with whom – that first hug is going to take place.

Sanyika “The Firestarter” Street’s mission is to create impact with powerful storytelling. Based in Los Angeles, his background as an actor, musician and chart-topping songwriter, have helped him to his hone his unique set of skills. A high-powered storyteller and speaker, he uses spoken-word storytelling to tell stories for some of the biggest brands in the world, including Sony Playstation, FOX Network, The US Department Of Defense, Universal Music Group. For more, you can reach the firestarter on instagram @FirestarterLive

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