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Simon Leslie

Print Still Matters - Part 2

Welcome to the concluding post from the talk titled Print Still Matters, at the 2016 New York Times Travel Show. If you haven’t already, read Part 1 to see my review on the 3 reasons why print still matters. In this post, I’ll explore the relationship between print and digital in the travel space.

Simon Leslie

Print Still Matters - Part 1

Last week, I was invited to speak at the New York Times Travel Show about whether print still matters. So it won’t surprise you to learn that on a panel full of editors and publishers that were all shouting loudly and positively as to why: Print Still Matters!

When you think about winter travels – your mind may conjure up a blissful image of log cabins, a snowy mountaintop, a chairlift and some après ski – or you may imagine golden beaches, swaying palm trees and the hot sun.

At Ink we’re always finding ways to help modern marketeers understand how that they can reach consumers on the go through travel media solutions. A common topic of discussion usually revolves around explaining what transumers are and how marketers can connect to this key audience. 

The key aviation industry bodies in the USA are projecting that 25.3 million passengers will travel globally on USA airlines in the next few days of thanksgiving. This is up around 3% on recent years and showing the strength of the aviation market today

When you consider the disruptive changes that have revolutionized industries in the last 30-40 years it’s hard to think of many that have had more impact than the low-cost business model has to the airline industry. Today, low-cost airlines account for 36% of the overall aviation market in Europe. However, the perception of people flying with low-cost airlines as being low-cost consumers persists

Since January, we have been running a social media programme with United Hemispheres Magazine. The premise is disarmingly simple: each month, the editor invites readers to take a picture with the magazine and share it on social media using #Hemigram. The next month, we then publish our favourites – there are currently no incentives beyond the simple opportunity to feature in the magazine.

A surprising revelation from The Global Passenger Survey, the world’s largest airline passenger survey of over 40 airlines, is just how late passengers are prepared to wait till booking accommodation for their upcoming business trip or vacation.

One of the most exciting findings revealed by The Global Passengers Survey is just how much passengers view the inflight magazine as central to their holiday experience.   With its mix of inspirational features, aspirational advertising and entertainment listings, the magazine adds to the anticipation and excitement of an upcoming holiday.  So essential to their holiday is the magazine that 32% of passengers actively stated that they see the inflight magazine “as part of their travel experience”.

In my previous post, we explored the value of leveraging print and social media in a cohesive campaign. Social media has been around for a long time by internet standards, but as marketers we are still coming to grips with how to use it effectively to tell a story. Travel is all about creating connections - both real and virtual. So it’s no surprise that social media and travel go well together.



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