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A surprising revelation from The Global Passenger Survey is just how late passengers will wait till booking accommodation.Nearly half of business passengers will wait till less than 7 days before booking their business accommodation.

Simon Leslie

Do we have your customer on board?

The modern marketer has an embarrassment of choice when it comes to reaching their ideal customer: from traditional media like newsstand magazines, newspapers and direct mail, to new technologies like email, social and digital. 

Targeted advertising on customers’ vital travel documents enables marketers to target your specific target audience across a range of touchpoints in the booking and travel process.

We live in an era that’s defined by constant development in technology which impacts how brands communicate. Marketers are faced with an array of options when it comes to deciding which advertising medium to use to reach their ideal consumer. From traditional media channels (television, radio, direct mail) to modern alternatives (such as digital, email and social media). With such an abundance of options comes ‘marketing clutter’ as it becomes increasingly difficult to be noticed by the consumer. So how do you pick your customer from the crowd? How do you know you have their attention?



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