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For years we have been inspiring you to travel, learn more, discover more and see more, and this month we are launching a new monthly series of videos for the world’s largest airlines:

Daniel Bee, Ink’s PR man, has worked for Hugh Hefner and magazine mogul Tina Brown, so he knows a bit about powerful and demanding editors as well as the world’s biggest celebrities. Fitting between the UK and the US in time-honoured rock-star style, one of his key remits has been getting stories from our magazines in front of lots of people – largely through using the celebrity PR machine to, in his words, “feed the beast”.

The January issue of easyJet Traveller was a winter sports special – so the team’s challenge was to grab the attention of the masses of skiers flying to the Alps. What better way to do that than to capture the moment of panic when, after a day on the slopes, you realise that the outline of your goggles has been sunburnt onto your face?

The cover of N by Norwegian in October featured a specially created superhero, Hollywood Man, whose superpower is turning normal people into stars. Designed to accompany a piece about the bizarre characters who roam Los Angeles’s Hollywood Boulevard, it was a mammoth undertaking. 

It looked more like the aftermath of a food fight than a meticulously arranged shoot. The cover for easyJet’s September issue had taken two months of planning (on and off), the involvement of eight trained professionals (photographers, art directors and food artists) and around 3 tonnes of vegetable matter.

If there’s one thing to make you feel inadequate about your life, it’s being around a millionaire, a world-famous DJ and an Olympian, all of whom are just 20 years old. That was the overriding feeling for many of us involved in easyJet Traveller’s photo shoot for the November issue.

Every week, we’re going to be giving Made With Ink to a different magazine to post as they please. First up, it’s our New York team, who publish Hemispheres and Rhapsody on behalf of United Airlines.

Excelente, the premium-class cabin magazine for Iberia, is a monthly magazine and is distributed to affluent, well-travelled passengers flying Business Plus and Business Class. It is renowned for its fine living and elegant features on fashion, art, style, watches, cars and cuisine.

LARPing around

There’s a great read in the new August issue of easyJet Traveller by Vicky Lane, about the weekend she spent LARPing (that’s Live Action Role Playing) – basically fancy dress in a field for adults.

During my time in Madrid, I joined Jesús Huarte, Editor of Excelente and Antonio Galvez, Art Director of Excelente on an exciting photo shoot to discover the initial formation of the feature and I was astonished by the amount of effort and time that goes into it. The photo shoot I experienced was with well-known fashion designers Andres Gallardo and Marina Casal, the duo behind the ANDRESGALLARDO brand.



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