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Inspiring American Airlines travellers to visit Hungary

Through our engaging storytelling, we shone the spotlight on Hungary, as an incredible destination for American Airlines travellers, inspiring more of them to visit, and to spend more while they were there. We threaded this through cross-platform creative, partnering our print titles, with both video and digital.

Our stories always go beyond standard travel guides, they give unique insight into our destinations. As such we work with locals to show the consumer what they love about their home — they might take you to a hidden beach, or a non-descript barbecue joint with miraculous brisket.

Our signature magazine cover package, Local Takes, did this for Budapest, by telling the story of the city through the eyes of five notable locals, guiding us to what they loved most in their hometown.

As a perfect companion to the American Way magazine story, we produced a bespoke video, Hungary: Our Way, available onboard and online. The video told the story of our guide, Maxine Adams and her mother Andrea, both residents of Budapest, as they explored the delights that Hungary has to offer on a family road trip.

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