The AirClub magazine is published exclusively for members of AirClub – an alliance of eight major business aviation operators based across Europe and North America. While headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, each operator has retained its identity, although passengers know that by flying with a member of the AirClub alliance, they will have the highest standards as well as the convenience of a simple, streamlined booking process (


Clientele include royalty, heads of state, public officials, celebrities, captains of industry and private aircraft owners who wish to have their aircraft managed and maintained. The readers of AirClub magazine are some of the world’s wealthiest individuals. They come from all over the globe and typically have a collection of homes, an extensive investment portfolio, a sophisticated interest in arts and culture as well as a passion for sports, travel and luxury products. The magazine is edited and designed to be kept, and found not only onboard AirClub planes, but also in the homes of some of the world's wealthiest travellers, exclusive hotel suites and executive airline lounges.


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