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Ink’s custom editorial content

At Ink we specialise in developing integrated digital content platforms for our airline and travel partners. Our cutting-edge solutions are crafted to embody each of our partners’ unique brands and engage with their passengers.

Custom content

We create exclusive and on brand content for our partners that is crafted in print, digital and video formats. Our award winning content draws in and engages passengers throughout their journey and beyond with the best international writers, celebrity interviews, photography and illustrations.
The quality of our content has not gone unnoticed; our media has been featured on the front page of the New York Times and has been internationally recognized with no less than 80 awards in the last five years.

Engaging across every channel

Our media engages passengers at every step of their journey, sparking a connected conversation across print, digital, and social channels. Our expertise extends across every aspect of the travel experience, from inflight entertainment to onboard Wi-Fi portals. We have developed cutting edge technology that allows us to serve high value content across all airline digital assets, including websites, confirmation emails and boarding passes.

Trusted global partner

We are passionate and knowledgeable about airlines and travel companies. Our expertise spans more than 20 years and today, we work with over 22 of the world’s largest travel companies. Our partners entrust their brand to us and we deliver award-winning products. We have a well travelled, worldly team of talented editors, designers and developers and an unparalleled global sales team with local expertise. Ink is the global market leader by number of airlines served, number of passengers reached and by advertising revenue sold.

Commercial success

Our global sales teams build meaningful partnerships with leading brands to create the best market value for our airline partners.
Each of our clients gets a dedicated sales team that is supported by our global network to maximize revenue opportunities. As a company, we have the utmost respect for travel media and we always ensure that it is properly valued across all platforms.

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