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The challenge

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easyJet is the favourite airline of a generation of smart travellers, and easyJet Traveller is its magazine. This isn’t a typical glossy travel magazine, it’s a companion for real people who want to make the most of wherever they land.

The challenge that comes with easyJet Traveller is the need to put together a specialised editorial team that’s bursting with talent and fresh ideas; ideas that readers instantly identify with and which will continue to build strong relationships between the brand and its passengers.

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Growing the brand

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Like any company, easyJet has evolved over the years. Ink’s long-term partnership with the airline has meant that we’ve been there from the beginning to make sure easyJet Traveller has evolved alongside it – allowing the magazine to grow with the brand, keeping the union as strong as ever.

Ink has recruited some of the world’s leading talent to work on easyJet Traveller. Under the careful guidance of editor Jonny Ensall, former deputy editor of Time Out London, they work to bring readers the very best storytelling, introducing them to exciting characters, striking photography and incredible locations.

“Travel is about experiences: emotional, hilarious, gluttonous, life-changing. All this is reflected on every page,” says Jonny. “Everything about this magazine is vivid and authentic. It feels alive in your hands.”

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25th Annual Communicator Awards 

  • Excellence: Consumer Magazine | Photography
  • Distinction: Overall Design


Travel Media Awards

  • Customer Magazine of the Year
  • Young Travel Writer of the Year

Business Travel Journalism Awards

  • easyJet Traveller - Jonny Ensall, Destination Features Journalist of the Year
  • easyJet Traveller - Business Travel Editorial Team of the Year


Travel Media Awards

  • easyJet Traveller - Customer Magazine of the Year

Business Travel Journalism Awards

  • easyJet Traveller - Sarah Neish, Features Journalist of the Year - Destination
  • easyJet Traveller, Design Team of the Year for Business Travel or Meetings and Events

23rd Annual Communicator Awards 

  • Excellence: easyJet Traveller, Design Features-Copy | Writing for Marketing | Promotion


BSME Awards

  • easyJet Traveller, Simon Kurs, Editor of the Year in Branded Content - Consumer

Travel Media Awards

  • easyJet Traveller, Customer Magazine of the Year

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