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The challenge

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From the get-go, it was important to represent Three Perfect Days in a video form while still linking closely to its printed counterpart. We set out with the intention of portraying a real fullness in every video – showing our chosen host having a truly perfect day in their home city. We also needed to create a format which could become a regular monthly series, in terms of style and content. It needed to have the air of an entertaining and informative destination guide.

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The launch

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Careful consideration went into the formatted graphics, shooting style, colour grading and musical soundtrack, building the unique style that the Three Perfect Days videos came to be recognised for. Naturally, the style has evolved over time into a monthly, formatted show that felt very documentary-like.

The series was shot using a rough, on-the-shoulder technique, making it feel as though the host was leading our viewers around their hometown. Casual chats with locals and destination insiders were filmed in first-person camera to create an air of authenticity while second-person perspective was used to pick up the details of the location. 

Our casting process had to be incredibly tight – it was vital that the three local hosts were engaging, with great local knowledge (which complemented that of the other hosts in the video), and able to hold the viewers' attention throughout each film. For this reason, Ink hired an amazing group of producers who were able to draw upon their wealth of casting experience to find the perfect fit every time.

Ellen Carpenter, editor-in-chief of Hemispheres magazine, also regularly hosted each video's introduction, linking it strongly to the inflight publication.

Ink custom-designed new graphics, as well as an opening title sequence for the Hemispheres Travel Show. We standardised our subtitles, reminiscent of the widely recognisable Netflix style, to make them feel more familiar and accessible.

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The results

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The reaction to the series has been outstanding. Not only did it win an award for Best Video at the 2018 Folio Awards, but it also saw an increase in travellers booking flights to the featured destinations.

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