The first sound-based advertising campaign

Author: Jonny Dixon, Head of Video 

NEW YORK CITY – It’s great to start the new year and new decade with a great new project.

We've just teamed up with Norwegian and Facebook to launch a first-of-its-kind campaign in the travel and advertising industries, in which we focus on the “Sounds of a City” rather than the sights. 

Read on (with sound on) and discover more about our groundbreaking campaign.


Our new social media sound-on video campaign promotes Norwegian’s destinations and creatively inspires travel using audible cues, including familiar sounds and distinct voices of major cities within the airline’s network.

The first “Sounds of a City” series highlights the unmistakable cacophony of New York City, along with the voices of several local characters, including a drag queen, a taxi driver, a waitress and the owner of the legendary Katz’s Deli.

“New York City is this huge melting pot of different experiences and different backgrounds and people, and that can be overwhelming,” says drag queen and featured local Flower Tortilla. “But then you take a step back and you realise that your voice is just as important as everyone else’s. Together we create this enormous sound that is musical and beautiful, and so worth being a part of.”

The “Sounds of a City” series will feature five local characters for each city. Following NYC is London, with more destinations set to be announced soon.


Still showing logos from Sounds of a City campaign

With Facebook’s guidance, the mobile-first concept has also been shot in an innovative way, with bespoke camera rigs built to allow for portrait shots, as opposed to conventional landscape techniques, allowing for a richer and more natural viewing experience. 

And you can watch our latest New York videos now on Norwegian’s Instagram account @flynorwegian.


Sounds of a City video stills GIF

"'Sounds of a City’ is a stimulating, new ambient storytelling adventure that will open travellers’ ears, as well as their eyes, to Norwegian’s global destinations," says Ink’s joint Chief Executive Officer Michael Keating.

"We are thrilled to have teamed up with Facebook and our long-standing partner Norwegian to deliver this first-of-a-kind series for the airline’s social channels, along with the multi-award-winning inflight magazine n by Norwegian. This groundbreaking direct-to-consumer storytelling campaign was filmed vertically, specifically for mobile-first, and optimised natively for social. It also focuses on encouraging users to interact and view the content with ’sound on’, contrary to common social media usage."

Flower Tortilla on Sounds of a City

The campaign, says Kei Grieg Toyomasu, Norwegian’s Senior Vice President of Marketing, was in development for a year before its launch. "Since it’s an industry-first, it required many workshops, brainstorming sessions and post-edit discussions to get to the final results, which we have done hand-in-hand with Ink and Facebook CS.

"Many of these destinations have been advertised over and over for decades, so we wanted to present them with a new perspective. Through the use of sounds and voices, we aim to provide customers with a full experience of each city – not only during their visit, but prior to it, when they are still dreaming. And with this social media campaign, we are where our customers are: on their mobiles, helping them to escape their daily routine and taking them to more exotic places, right from the palm of their hands, and their ears."

With 40 nonstop routes to Europe, Norwegian offers more routes from the U.S. than any other European airline.

It operates from 12 U.S. cities to eight European cities, and is introducing four new routes for 2020: Austin to Paris, Chicago to Paris and Rome, and Denver to Rome.

Norwegian has also increased frequencies on some of its popular U.S.-to-Europe routes, including Denver-London, Los Angeles-Paris, San Francisco-Barcelona, New York-Paris and Los Angeles-Rome. The airline recently announced an upcoming partnership with JetBlue, which will become its first U.S. airline partner.

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