They say that the best things come in threes…

Last week, lucky passengers embarking on selected United flights from a triptych of airports: Los Angeles, Newark and San Francisco discovered a beautiful Banana Republic cashmere blanket waiting for them in their seat.

This early Christmas gift was part of Banana Republic’s mission to “make a difference with acts of comfort and kindness” (#BRMakeItMatter initiative).

It was at once a generous gift to United’s loyal customers, a hot social media moment and an opportunity for Banana Republic to interact with real and active consumers at a deeper level of engagement.

So how did this all come about and why did Banana Republic, who have over 700 outlets in 28 countries around the world, turn to inflight media and its huge audience for one of their most significant marketing efforts of 2016?

Well, firstly, we are proud to say that this rich mix of advertising, PR and social engagement all came out of the Ink offices in America.

The answer as to why Banana Republic and United chose to do this together is also quite simple.

Banana Republic’s team of marketing and brand experts recognized that the inflight environment is a unique media space - one where real and affluent people are focused in an engaged, positive and receptive way - something that is unrivaled in today’s media world. I mean, where else would you be able to place a print ad, have an active, positive and ongoing social conversation and know that your products will be directly in the hands of your target audience, all in one marketing fell swoop??

This groundbreaking deal brought together all these three elements in one go. We have the marketing insight and data to know exactly who is travelling with any one of our partner airlines or train companies and Banana Republic chose to go with United Airlines.

According to Gfk MRI’s figures - the guys who produce the industry standard media audience data - United’s Hemispheres magazine audience has one of the highest median household incomes in print in the USA today. That's 26% higher than Conde Nast Traveler readers, 19% higher than Travel+Leisure readers, 96% higher than National Geographic Traveler magazine. It’s also almost exactly double that of the average U.S. household. Pretty amazing right?!

With the marketing and advertising industry ever more aware of this data, we are finding that increasing numbers of their brands want to come talk to us and collaborate on inventive and intuitive ways to join the dots of their promotional efforts.

Marketers are always seeking cost-effective, integrated media solutions that allow affluent customers a positive, upbeat and affirmative brand experience - one where a genuine content conversation can be had. So here we are. Ink is proud to have brought this groundbreaking advertising and brand deal together and I’m equally proud that the hard work put in by our US team generated some great coverage:

US Magazine 

Womens Wear Daily

Banana Republic


This is the perfect example of how a brand can connect with an airline and its huge number of passengers. So, come talk to us at Ink about how we can make your brand famous and help it stick out from the crowd. Contact me personally: 

Nothing better than an early free Christmas gift from Banana Republic, right? Maybe that's what the 3 wise men of today would have delivered?


Happy holidays 

Stephen Andrews 

Photo credit: Banana Republic. 

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