If there’s one thing to make you feel inadequate about your life, it’s being around a millionaire, a world-famous DJ and an Olympian, all of whom are just 20 years old.

That was the overriding feeling for many of us involved in easyJet Traveller’s photo shoot for the November issue – a special 20th-anniversary edition of the magazine celebrating 20 years since the airline’s maiden flight.

To mark the occasion, we’d made the decision to round up some notable characters who were born in 1995, to find out what it’s like for people who have only ever known the world with those ‘friendly, orange skies’ – and also what it’s possible to achieve in just two decades.

A lot, as it turns out.

In all, there were eight chosen to come to London from all over Europe, including a fashion vlogger with nine-million followers, a classical composer, a Swedish ballerina, and a Guinness-World-Record-holding eGamer.

On the day in the West London Studio (westlondonstudio.co.uk), millionaire businessman Jordan Daykin arrives with PA in tow. Since being the youngest person ever to win money from Dragon’s Den in 2013 for ‘Grip-It Fixings’ – a universal hardware solution – he’s made a mint. Next to him is Amandine Buchard: on course to represent France in Judo next year at the Rio Olympics. The last to arrive – complete with entourage – is Madrid-based DJ Danny Avila, rumoured to be the next David Guetta. We were lucky to get him, sneaking into his schedule in the four-hour gap between a flight in from the US and one out to Bangkok.

Despite the level of success, there are no divas here. They’re quietly excited to be here, and are polite and patient with photographer Jude Edington. They’re also interested in each other’s endeavours and share a brand of innocent enthusiasm that must be their secret to such early success. They’re so lovely in fact, that – despite what they’ve achieved so young – it’s hard to feel envious.

Although I’m gutted I didn’t think of Jordan’s Grip-It Fixings idea first.

Words Florence Derrick,
assistant editor Photography by Jude Edington

Originaly posted on madewithink.