It’s been over a year since we launched the #hemigram social media campaign in United Airlines’ Hemispheres magazine. The idea is beautifully simple: each month we invite readers to share photos of themselves with the magazine to their social media feed, with no incentive other than the chance of being featured in the next issue of the magazine.  

With a deep sense of humour and originality, passengers were encouraged to take part and, within a space of a few months, the campaign gained traction, resulting in a surge in the number of submissions received. But you may wonder, what has this campaign really proven?

1.Powerful insight about passengers
The #hemigram campaign allowed us to gain insights into behaviours of passengers that fly with United Airlines everyday. Through this campaign, we have further proved deep engagement and connectivity with readers. It’s also given us with a platform to shine the light on Hemispheres readers, with approximately 74% of United Airlines passengers reading the magazine. Changing the way we look to promote our magazines, as well as the way we use print and digital together.

 2. Cohesiveness of print and digital media  

The hemigram campaign highlights the unique qualities of print and digital channels working together. Print and digital don’t have to be the bitter enemies that are portrayed in the “print vs digital” discussions.

The power of integrating print and digital is a no brainer. In the last year, we’ve received more than 1,500 hemigrams from Hemispheres readers, garnering millions of impressions across social media. Transcending our media from an inflight reading experience to a social experience, which stimulates creativity and encourages travellers to share their interaction with our media in our social hub.

3. The importance of the 'journey'
Above all else, the campaign shows that there is a lot more to the inflight experience than just getting from A to B. It’s also about the bit the middle – the journey. We live in an age in which consumers are increasingly connected to the digital world in so many ways (from Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, work emails, and so forth).
The inflight experience offers an interrupted environment, free from distractions. So whether travellers are flying for business or leisure purposes. They’re also yearning to be inspired by editorial and advertising content from the inflight magazine and consequently to inspire their social media connections. And that’s what the #hemigram campaign showcases.

Check out the full presentation “Getting Social with United Hemispheres II”