When we hear about the Oscars, the Brits, the Grammys, the Emmys and the BAFTA awards we are always told how important the “taking part” is… But let’s be brutally honest, winning is much better.

So it’s great when the new magazine awards season rolls around and you win four awards right off the bat.

So huge congratulations to N for Norwegian and easyJet Traveller for their “Excellence” award at the Communicator Awards 2017 in the “Overall Design” category, and also to The National for Amtrak and American Way for American Airlines on their “Distinction” awards for writing and photography respectively.

Ink first started working with easyJet 22 years ago in 1995 and its been a great partnership from day #1. The orange brand has gone from strength to strength over the years and we have all grown with them as they criss-cross the skies. It's a cool brand that knows its market very well and we love writing the right stories. Great to know that we are hitting the right tracks with that writing in 2017 too.  

Now in its 53rd edition, N for Norwegian has always raised the creative bar. From beautiful, exclusively shot cover ideas to off the wall, inspirational travel ideas, the magazine has always reflected the brand of this ambitious, expanding and excellent airline.  We are very happy to have this magazine recognized for its unique look and style that would be perfectly at home on the newsstand – under the design section.

It’s always great when a new magazine gets recognition in its first year of publication, so it’s fantastic to see The National honored for its journalism so promptly. The magazine was created for the vast rail network in the USA and we know that whether passengers are commuting up and down the East coast or traveling cross country, they all like a good read. And that was the concept – long form journalism. Congratulations..

American Way for American has been blazing a trail for more than 50 years now, so for February’s edition to get an award for cover design and photography is such great news. The winter editions are always a big moment in the year, when our editorial teams get to show off their film knowledge and flex their industry expertise by predicting who is going to do well in the Hollywood film award season. And in 2017 we hit the bullseye by putting Janelle Monae on the cover talking about her starring roles in Moonlight and Hidden Figures. Bravo and Brava to the team.


Onwards and upwards to the next awards!



n for Norwegian - Design Features-Overall Design

Traveller - Design Features-Copy / Writing for Marketing / Promotion


The National for Amtrak - Design Features-Copy / Writing

American Way Magazine - Design Features-Photography