Author: Joint-CEO Simon Leslie

The other week, we launched our October/November issue of Nexos magazine, our Portuguese and Spanish language publication for American Airlines.

The cover features three stars of the upcoming film Terminator: Dark Fate (out Nov 1st 2019): Natalia Reyes (@nataliareyesg), Diego Boneta (@diego) and Gabriel Luna (@iamgabrielluna).    

I have often wondered what their reaction would be when they saw themselves on the cover of a magazine, as I have long-believed that there is something career-defining and significant about seeing yourself or your brand in print - especially when you know that it will be held in the hands of millions of people. 

Creating magical moments

Gabriel Luna and Natalia Reyes with copies of Nexos magazine

Just think: The trend-defining September edition of Vogue, Vanity Fair’s Oscars issue featuring Annie Leibovitz’s iconic photography or even just your local magazine with the latest news from your area - I know I’d rather be on the cover of a glossy magazine than on the homepage of a website.

Print creates magical moments. And here's the video of the Terminator: Dark Fate stars to prove it. 

The real power of print

 Rob Machado and Jason Momoa AW covers

All of this has got me thinking about the real power of print.

So I called up a few of our editors at Ink whose job it is to place people (both famous and “normal”) on the cover, to get a sense.

“We put local people on the cover of American Way magazine,” said Bill Kearney, editor-in-chief. "And it’s amazing how responsive their communities are to seeing the final product—holding it in their hands. Today anyone can blog, vlog, write or post which is actually very powerful for magazines; because once someone is on a cover, it positions their credibility immediately higher in today’s media mix. The commodity of print has a hard-won and established authority where you know where you stand. Online has speed but lacks a lasting gravitas.”

He then pointed me towards a recent Instagram Story from man mountain Jason Momoa shouting out to his 13.6 million Instagram followers about his surfing buddy Rob Machado who is our October American Way cover star, in a story about San Diego.

Would he have done the same if Machado was on the homepage of Visit San Diego’s tourism website? I suspect not…

Print is trusted.

Print continues to define, create and sculpt the cultural conversations of today. So come and talk to us about the kind of noise we can make for you out there in the big wide world.

Seen by millions

 Cartier advert on the back of Nexos magazine

And a special shout out to Cartier who took the back-cover advert in the current Nexos magazine. They must have been delighted when American Airlines posted that video story of the Terminator cast on their Instagram to nearly one million followers as well… big impact is what we do at Ink.

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