While many aren’t currently travelling, our minds are more active than ever: dreaming about when we can explore the world and its wonders again. At Ink, we’ve been inspiring readers with our passion for travel stories for 25 years and now is no different.

Download our selection of screen savers and backgrounds to bring the beauty of these top travel destinations into your life right now. Weave these beautiful locations into your daydreams and explore tomorrow. Because dreaming is healing. Visual stimulation, especially during our lockdown lifestyles, is the best motivator – so here are just a few reminders of the wonders that await us. We support the #traveltomorrow movement.

Zoom backgrounds

That’s why we want to share these inspirational shots with you today. Download and share with your colleagues, clients, friends and loved ones. After all, we are in this together and it’s our mission to re-emerge together, too. Enjoy and dream big!