It looked more like the aftermath of a food fight than a meticulously arranged shoot. The cover for easyJet’s September issue had taken two months of planning (on and off), the involvement of eight trained professionals (photographers, art directors and food artists) and around 3 tonnes of vegetable matter. By crunch time, much of the latter was scattered across every surface of Liz McBurney’s east London studio, interspersed with cups of tea and craft knives, almost as if a group of ladies from the WI had gone postal at a village fete.

The truly scary bit was upending the glass frame. After six hours of working out how to lay out the lettering (carefully), bury it (in specially aerated soil) and pat it down (like gardeners with their prize marrows), the moment of truth was painful. Clutched by four tense people, the wood-and-glass contraption was lifted oh-so-slowly from horizontal to vertical. And… nothing bad happened. The word RAW, spelled out in vegetables, which the Bompas & Parr team had buried under a careful brown blanket of earth, was there in all its glory – readable, sharp and smiling out at us through the glass frame. Big sighs all round.

All in all, it’s been a great year for easyJet covers. As plans are in train for the Christmas issue (shhhh!), we’re looking back on some crackers.

Such as January, where we forced a full-size food van into a bijou studio, and added a smattering of top London chefs to represent the story about chefs’ favourite eating spots.

Or Hattie Newman’s playful take on a family beach holiday in March – made out of from kindergarten-style multimedia – which answered the brief for How to Craft The Perfect Family Holiday perfectly

For May’s music issue we recreated Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Heart’s Club Band featuring a composite of all the artists featured in the issue. Peter Quinnell, who put it together, is a talented guy…

… as is Kyle Bean, brains (together with temporary art director Jonny Hughes) behind our escaping island – for August’s Island Escapes issue (what else?!)

And finally, for easyJet’s 20th birthday and our corresponding FUTURE ISSUE – an extravagant 200-page ‘Collector’s Edition – this futuristic, typographic marvel, courtesy of Peter Tarka.

So there you have it – a year of exciting covers to be proud of. Some easier to execute than others, but a story behind every one…

Words Sarah Warwick
Art direction by Mat Wiggins

Originally posted on madewithink