In my previous post, we explored the value of leveraging print and social media in a cohesive campaign. Social media has been around for a long time by internet standards, but as marketers we are still coming to grips with how to use it effectively to tell a story. Travel is all about creating connections - both real and virtual. So it’s no surprise that social media and travel go well together.

easyJet Traveller magazine sparked a social media frenzy by dedicating a full page of editorial space to their readers’ sharing incredible images using the hashtag #ejtraveller. The campaign, which began in August 2014, has since amassed a strong audience of travellers sharing a wide array of photos. You don’t have to take my word for it, watch the video below.

Travel can be the key to so many exciting and enriching experiences. Just check out some of our favourite social media posts shared by our readers.

You can join the easyJet social network - by tweeting, Facebooking or Instagramming the best snaps from your travels. Just be sure include the hashtag #ejtraveller on the post. We'll pick our favourites to feature in the next month's issue.

An engagement environment

Travel is a social activity. Research from the Global Passenger Survey indicates 32% of passengers look forward to the inflight magazine "as part of their travel experience”. The inflight magazine benefits from the feel good factor of the holiday, with a high percentage of the readership picking up the magazine being driven by a positive mindset. This inclination to be engaged with the magazine means that the readers are more likely to respond to messaging featured in the inflight magazine.

The point that I’m making here is that our media reaches real people (families, business travellers, pensioners and backpackers). These are real people travelling right now and sharing their travel experiences with us.

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