Author: Joint CEO Simon Leslie

Commitment and credibility go hand in hand

I have long said that there is no credibility in anonymous sources. And sadly, so much of the global digital world is not only letting us, the consumer, down, it’s actually letting itself down too.

Over the last few decades, we have built a media company that creates and facilitates a physical, emotional and inspirational bond of trust between storyteller and reader, and between brands and consumers. We have worked our socks off around the globe to deliver this every hour of every day, in every continent of the world. We employ the best editors, journalists and designers in their field today. Indeed over the last couple of years our colleagues have been awarded Editor of the Year and Designer of the year at the prestigious Folio awards in New York).

Through that hard-fought mission of trust, many of the world’s largest brands partner with us and give us the keys to their most powerful outward expressions: their brand communications, their magazine, their social, their videos and the real estate of their sellable media. Think American Airlines, United, easyJet and 29 other HUGE travel companies. We have deep and longstanding relationships with advertisers including Chanel, Ford, Dewar’s, Chopard or AVIS. However I was recently asked by a media journalist: “Who is your most important adverting relationship with?” And, I answered: “The consumer.” I think she was expecting Untuckit Shirts, Hugo Boss or HSBC Bank. But I have never been clearer on why consumers are important.

Digital media allows marketeers to theoretically get to the largest volumes of audience. But is that review fake or real? Is that “editorial” from a trusted expert or a phony PR person’s writing?

It’s VERY simple for us here: our media is real and it’s getting into the hands of real people who trust us. As the joint CEO of Ink, I put my name and credibility to this fact every single day and I guarantee that 100%. Real people are engaging every time. We live by the fact that credibility comes from results. And we deliver.

But don’t just take my word for it. How about listening to the findings of the experts at the world-famous Harris Poll?

89% of leisure travellers read the inflight magazine.

94% of business travellers read the inflight magazine.

Double the number of people will be travelling by 2034.

66% of people are inspired to purchase when sitting in an aircraft.

So, where does that leave our digital media offerings? Again, we are 100% confident that our digital media gets into the hand of real people because they are REAL passengers. We KNOW they are real people who have real money to spend on real airplane trips and real holidays and go on real business trips. Have I said “real” enough times?

Much of the digital media landscape today is obsessed with likes, views, impressions and clicks which, as we know, are riddled with bots. Fraud is therefore crippling this area. Thank goodness we are not in that game – but we still want it to be cleaned up for all of our sakes. This TripAdvisor story  has the right idea: “Any firm breaking the rules may face prosecution, stiff fines and possibly even jail terms for its staff.” Long let that rule be enforced.

Real relationships feed on credibility, honesty, and consistency – so let’s just leave the last word on this matter to a man who is always looking for “satisfaction”. Mick Jagger said recently: “I fear where all this lying is going to lead us.” Me too.

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