Ink promises to always take you on a journey. We are storytellers of far off lands and the explorers of the hidden gems on your very doorstep.


For years we have been inspiring you to travel, learn more, discover more and see more, and this month we are launching a new monthly series of videos for the world’s largest airlines: American Airlines. In short: we are bringing the destinations to life with a new set of eyes.


AA - Welcome to Auckland from Ink on Vimeo.

We are all watching more content when we want, where we want and how we want and we are taking our trusted knowledge and award winning editorial experience into short films.

What better way to plan a new journey than when it’s brought to life on your phone, laptop or when you are relaxed sitting on a plane and plugged in to the inflight entertainment?

We are constantly looking for and finding the most interesting people in the most interesting of places and we invite you to come journey with us. To have a look at examples of our work for American Airlines, easyJet, United and Eurostar: our video content