Luxury brands like to segment their activities into geographical markets – but this doesn’t reflect the reality for the modern luxury buyer. The jet-setting elite buy what they want where they want, travelling the world to find the perfect fit for their desires. They choose to make a luxury purchase because they desire the quality, the lifestyle and the status that it confers; buying a luxury product or service for them is a uniquely fulfilling experience.

The big question is how to you reach luxury buyers? High quality magazines are a luxurious experience in themselves. The beautiful design and expertise that goes into creating a high quality magazine is much like the expertise that goes into producing a luxury item or service. Reading a high-quality glossy magazine is an escape into a luxury lifestyle, with beautiful features on fashion, food, and travel and inspiring advertisements for the latest jewellery or exclusive luxury retreat to visit next. Magazines are, in short, the perfect, desirable showcase for brands.

Luxury print provides an appropriate media platform to showcase luxury brands; the question is which environment is most suitable to capture these affluent readers? Flying First or Business class, or on a Private Jet, is in itself a luxury experience and is the natural environment for other luxury brands to be associated with. As passengers board a flight, they are greeted with a glass of champagne and waited on hand-and-foot to ensure their luxury customer experience is fulfilled. As they indulge in five-star relaxation, these luxury consumers are in the perfect mindset to consider their next purchases. These premium passengers are the ideal demographic for luxury brands as they are ready to spend, with above-average high net-worth incomes.

Luxury brands desire recognition from luxury consumers and they want their brands to be endorsed by this elite. By advertising in a high quality magazine in a luxury environment, only read by First, Business or private jets passengers, an exclusive ‘just for me’ engagement is created.

The aim of advertising is not only for your consumer to see your brand, but engage and recall it. Because of its unique uninterrupted nature, and the high engagement promoted by the travel experience, the level of recall will be unparalleled. In fact, an average of 70% of readers can recall advertising in the inflight magazine. This high level of engagement transforms into action, with 41% of passengers stating they have gone on to buy magazine-advertised products. Finding a media that delivers on all three elements of experience, environment and engagement is the perfect recipe for attracting the elusive, hard-to-reach luxury consumer. Our Luxury Collection of inflight magazines has perfect credentials across all three – click here to discover our unique titles and stunning crafted editorial environments.