Author: Joint CEO Simon Leslie

I decided many years ago to write a book and, like any big project I have ever been involved in, it has taken sheer determination, toil and the love and support of the people around me. But I’m very proud to say that you can now get a copy of my own “unauthorised autobiography”, which is part self-help, part motivational plus a decent chunk of business experiential, as of this week on Amazon

My life has been a series of pushing back against the word “no”. I couldn’t tell you the entire story even if I wanted to, but I can share the hard lessons, the value I learned, and the hindsight I’ve learned over the last few decades. By moving forward into the unknown, I learned and I prospered. Today, I oversee a team of almost 200 salespeople, delivering a world-class media in over 60 countries around the globe. With my business partner Michael Keating, we have offices in London, Miami, New York, Los Angeles, Abu Dhabi, São Paulo and Singapore, and we deliver content in more than 10 languages. Not bad for a boy from Cardiff, South Wales.

Sometimes, a lack of knowledge combined with no fear can be your greatest advantage. This book is a teachable story of how I turned my own lack of knowledge into a proven system that is now global. Our company has generated hundreds of millions of dollars of revenue, employed hundreds of people and in the process turned an entire industry on its head.

Some say it is a grind. Others say it is an art.

Selling has led me on an amazing journey that has given me so much, and now I want to give that back to you. Through this new book, I do my best to illustrate what I learned and how it can work for you.

But know this: I can give you that road map but the journey is on you. One thing is certain, it can be done, and you can do it!

Remember to stay positive – even when there is no ‘F’ in Sales.