Author: Simon Leslie, Joint CEO

Changing lives 40,000 feet in the air

More now than ever, it seems that we are all living busy lives, trying to get ahead with work, careers, family or giving back. But once in a while something profound hits us and resolves thoughts and feelings that we have been harbouring for a while.

Here’s an amazing example of how this can happen though the power of – would you believe it? – inflight magazines.

Big life decisions 

There’s an amazing article in a recent edition of the iconic Lincoln Journal Star newspaper from Nebraska, USA, which carries an interview with the new coach of the Nebraska Cornhuskers men's basketball team, Fred Hoiberg.

In the piece, Hoiberg recalls the time he was weighing up whether to stay with his old team or move to the Huskers. A tough decision. As he says, "when you're contemplating these big life decisions like we were, you look for signs [that] can be the tipping point."

And he found it inside American Way magazine for American Airlines! Hoiberg pulled a copy of American Way out of the seat pocket in front of him and, within our Spotlight supplement, found an interview with Larry the Cable Guy talking about Nebraska, and an article singing the praises of the state. He decided there and then that he would act on this formidable sign and take the new job.

Open to ideas

March 2019 issue of Spotlight magazine within American Way magazine

Wow. I have to say, I love how the power of our magazine helped positively change the path of someone’s career forever. If proof were ever needed that what you read is super influential, here it is.

This story perfectly captures what I have been thinking for a while. When you are on a plane, you are more receptive to new ideas, are not distracted by the usual noises of life and you’re inspired to think more deeply.

Grow your brand 

A photograph of a key taken by Matt Artz on Unsplash

Now, I am not the scientist to tell you the psychological reasons for how and why this happens; but I am the person to tell you that if you are a brand that is struggling to grow and get into the hands of the often hard-to-reach people - the real people that travel with our clients - come talk to us.

We are the company who can unlock your target audience of people with money in their pocket, who are exactly in the right frame of mind to make decisions.

It’s not just life changing decisions. Sometimes it’s a new shirt, a car or where to eat or go on holiday.

The truth is, so many decisions get made when people are together and relaxed.

So, stop chasing likes, clicks and all that other stuff, and think about the tried and trusted world of print media.

Want to talk to us about advertising in American Way magazine for American Airlines, or one of our other prestigious magazines? Get in touch and let us grow your brand.