One of the most exciting findings revealed by The Global Passengers Survey is just how much passengers view the inflight magazine as central to their holiday experience.   With its mix of inspirational features, aspirational advertising and entertainment listings, the magazine adds to the anticipation and excitement of an upcoming holiday.  So essential to their holiday is the magazine that 32% of passengers actively stated that they see the inflight magazine “as part of their travel experience”.

Passengers expect to see a magazine in the seatback pocket, with nearly 1/5 saying they see the magazine as inclusive of their ticket price – a quality product that 33% say is so important that they see it enhances the image of the airline itself.  And other studies have also examined the role of the magazine, with another airline survey finding that 78% of passengers said the magazine even “adds joy to the flight”!

The inflight magazine benefits from the feel-good factor of the holiday with a significant proportion of the readership picking up the magazine driven by this positive mindset.  This propensity to be more engaged with the magazine means that these readers will respond more actively to the appropriate messages and advertising featured in the magazine, as confirmed by results from GPS:   95% of readers actively looking for tourism content in the magazine and 87% look for Tourism advertising, with 41% of passengers having bought products advertised in the magazine, and 73% have acting upon the advertising in some form.  30% said they have directly sourced travel ideas alone from the inflight magazine, inspired as they were by this essential and exciting part of their holiday experience.