It is said that America was built on the back of the railroad and today that intercity and high speed rail network connects 500 destinations across 46 states of American and shifts more than 30 million people at speeds up to 150mph or 241kmph.

Amtrak joins the smaller towns and cities dotted along the huge expanse of the United States, and also delivers a fast and reliable service to millions of affluent commuters on their daily travels. Our new magazine called The National, will celebrate America and the experience of travel – taking a break from the hectic nature of life to savor the personalities, culture and destinations that can be found across the vast nationwide Amtrak network.

The magazine will be also be accompanied by a new digital content portal which will be available to customers across digital, mobile, social and onboard platforms.

“We’re thrilled to create a magazine for Amtrak showcasing all the culture and industry defining life along America’s rails. In our first issue you’ll find all kinds of stories — travel essays, reported pieces, fiction, poetry, and fine-art photography — and a range of voices from across the country. As you pass the hours, we hope you’ll find it an enjoyable read — and a compelling case to see America by train.” –Executive Editor, The National, Alex Hoyt

“We've partnered with Ink in order to bring in their wealth of experience to our magazine so that together, we can create inspirational editorial and vivid storytelling for our customers today and for the future. We also want our customers to better understand and appreciate the breadth and scope of the people and places throughout the Amtrak network.” said Rob Friedman, Amtrak’s VP Brand Management and Marketing. “We believe Ink’s unique insights, and award winning editorial credentials will help strengthen the Amtrak brand and our customer offering.”

Michael Keating , CEO of Ink added: “We very much look forward to working with Amtrak to create this exciting, new national magazine and content portal this Fall. Amtrak’s national magazine will capitalize on the brand’s unique position as the one true American company that unites the country. Whether you’re from Hollywood, the Midwest, or New England, taking the train means riding Amtrak, and we relish the opportunity to engage and inspire riders, as they travel for business, commute to work or take a leisure trip with their family to experience something new.”

For Ink, working with Amtrak comes after years of experience with Eurostar – the company that is the rail gateway connecting the UK with mainland Europe.