We’re thrilled to update you on a brand new collaborative meeting of minds between Ink and the tree.

The tree is a multi award-winning digital content marketing agency that, quite simply, delivers for its clients. They have grown from “bedroom” beginnings into one of London's freshest agencies, built on the experience of its expert team. They are a heady mix of young marketeers and experienced business people, with more than 30 years in marketing, advertising and content services.

Trusted by some of the world’s most established brands, the tree has worked with clients including: BMW, Marks and Spencer, Orange, Philips, Transport for London, Ambassador Theatre Group, Marriott, and Ticketmaster. They offer a holistic view of the entire marketing sector and process with a deep understanding of today’s digital world. They are a full-service, in-house marketing team – just without the overheads of staffing costs. They have established experience in both B2C and B2B content marketing, as well as social media.

Combining our market leadership position with the tree’s award winning tech-led, digital first approach, offers a powerful international opportunity for travel, retail and tourism clients. We couldn’t be more excited to start working together.

Joint CEO Michael Keating said: “At Ink we have always looked to work and partner with the new and best in the media industry. In the tree, we immediately saw their passion and knowledge pushing forward in the digital-first arena and we are thrilled to have be working with them on a number of projects around content, distribution and direct-to-consumer digital projects."

What can social do for the travel industry?

As most of us know, there’s a big role for social in customer service and 1:1 communication when it comes to travel and hospitality. For a customer, travel is an exciting and inspirational leap, which is both exhilarating and stimulating. High emotion and new situations mean that customers looks to be guided at multiple stages of their journey. They are super responsive and social media is a way of delivering consistent, reliable brand experiences across borders. This bond can strengthen customer loyalty and positive brand experiences by placing your customer service facility literally ‘in their pocket’ as they adventure. Hilton’s @HiltonSuggests Twitter account, which provides insider tips for travellers on demand, is a great example of the 'brand as travel buddy' concept.

Social’s also the go-to channel for many customers when they need new information in a hurry, so great community management and a robust, well-planned response strategy from a socially-adept CRM team is a must.

Finally, there’s research and consideration. It should be no surprise that for 65% of travellers, decision making is influenced by content. Travellers use social to discover new travel experiences and trends, to put together itineraries, contact businesses and book experiences, and to gather recommendations and reviews from other travellers. A prominent social presence helps travel brands build recognition and trust among their target audiences, gather leads and develop relationships with potential customers.

the tree, travel and the tourism industry

Daniel Andrews the CEO of the tree said: “We have been fascinated by the travel and leisure sector for a while now. It is a unique blend of challenges that we love, from sophisticated marketing strategies that target specific customer segments, to in-depth research using cutting edge listening tools. It’s also fertile ground for some truly emotive and inspiring creative campaigns, and the market is HUGE and growing fast. It's already been reported that passenger numbers will double by 2037.”

Andrews adds: “Audience insight was the driving force in the tree’s work with Ticketmaster. The brand was looking to boost engagement and spark interest in VIP experiences at a range of summer festivals. Digging deep into social data, market research and focus group findings, we knew that their target customer cared about experiences more than purchases, and was driven by having and sharing life-changing moments. So began a video-based campaign focused on putting the viewer into the festival experience, with story-led content and influencer narratives setting the scene. The results? The tree delivered record-breaking ticket sales and sold-out festivals within days.”

Looking ahead: the dream team

As we join forces with the tree on a number of new projects, we’re looking forward to more strategically-led endeavours that marry up our deep insight and research capability with their industry know-how, premium content pedigree and airline collaborations. Together, we’ll be using insights to inform content production decisions, as well as developing ways to activate content through paid channels and influencer activity. We’re already in conversation with our current clients who’ll benefit from new ways of working and even stronger offerings from us in the future.

Fancy joining us on the journey?

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