To help celebrate the 50th anniversary of the birth of Singapore, Scoot’s SG50 aircraft ' Maju-lah' has been unveiled. With the first ever collaboration between 20 partners, the concept of a plane wrap for SG50 was the brainchild of David Bloomfield, Commercial Director of Ink, Singapore.

In conjunction with the team at Scoot, Ink developed the overall strategy, which was then led by Steven Greenway and his marketing team of Koh Junrong and Jacqueline Loh who brought the project to life.

Junrong and Jacqueline were instrumental in ensuring that the painted aircraft came to fruition. Their dedication and hard work towards the project resulted in the aircraft being delivered on time, with the partners' logos gallantly displayed across the livery resulting in a memorable occasion that was enjoyed by all partners prior to the aircraft coming into service.

The partners to the project were brought together by the accounts team at Ink Singapore and were hand selected to reflect the history and synergy with the 50th birthday celebrations of Singapore. Ink worked closely with Scoot to ensure that the 20 invited companies met the strict criteria. Companies had to have long lasting ties with Singapore or are part of the new wave of investment and technology that will shape the future development for the next 50 years. This project attracted some of the oldest and biggest named brands/companies in Singapore and some of the most exciting companies of the future.

Ink is very proud to have been instrumental in bringing this “media first” to life. It’s been a great collaboration with Scoot Airlines and is very much part of our ongoing philosophy of developing new and innovative creative marketing solutions to our airline partners around the world.

Wrapping a plane with this media first collaboration has provided extremely positive PR and headlines for Scoot, the 20 advertising partners, and Ink. Take a look at our media coverage below:

Scoot unveils SG50-themed Dreamliner
SG50 livery for Scoot’s newest Dreamliner
Scoot unveils new Dreamliner’s festive SG50 livery
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SG50: Scoot unveils its newest Dreamliner painted in party-themed livery
Scoot unveils its newest Dreamliner painted in party-themed livery
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