Author: Joint-CEO Michael Keating

We can all get a bit bashful when it comes to singing one’s own praises. However, in this instance I want to recognise my exceptional colleagues and the fantastic creative talent we have at Ink.

I’m thrilled to announce that we have just won 19 awards at the 28th Annual North American Travel Journalists Association (NATJA) Awards, which recognises excellence at the highest level and we want the world to know it!

Here is the Ink list of honours in full…

Gold Award winners

  • Travel Documentary: “Three Perfect Days Arizona” for United Airlines
  • Travel Web Series: “3 Perfect Days Newark” for United Airlines
  • Photography: Cover Photo, Illustration – Print: “3 Perfect Days Iceland” in Hemispheres for United Airlines
  • Photography: Portrait, People: “Laird Hamilton Portrait” in American Way for American Airlines

Silver Award winners

  • Travel Video: “One Day, Two Ways video - London, UK” for American Airlines
  • Sports, Recreation and Adventure: “Flying Start” in Hemispheres for United Airlines

Bronze Award winners

  • Travel Magazine: “September 2019 issue,” Hemispheres for United Airlines
  • Cover Photo, Illustration, Kadir Nelson, “The Kids Issue” The National for Amtrak
  • Historical Travel, Toby Skinner, “Gentlemen, Start the Revival” American Way for American Airlines
  • Health and Wellness Travel, Chris Wright, “Cold Comfort” American Way for American Airlines
  • Portrait, People, Hanoch Piven, “David Attenborough” in Hemispheres for United Airlines

Honourable mentions

  • Destination Travel: Atalina Villa, “Sin Salsa no hay Paraíso” Nexos for American Airlines
  • Cover Photo, Illustration: Mateo Londoño Quijano, “Maluma en la intimidad” Nexos for American Airlines
  • Portrait, People: Mateo Londoño Quijano, “Maluma en la intimidad,” Nexos for American Airlines
  • Long-Form Narrative/Personal Essay: Lois Lowry, “Tracks of Time,” The National for Amtrak
  • Travel Magazine, Print: American Way for American Airlines
  • Travel Video: Jonny Dixon, “One Day, Two Ways video - Charlotte, NC” American Airlines
  • Landscape, Nature, Architecture: Michael George “Land of the Falling Leaf” Hemispheres for United Airlines
  • Photo Essay: Matt Conant, “Southwestern Exposure” Celebrated Living for American Airlines

Receiving so many awards across several disciplines is a huge honour and well-deserved recognition of our team’s enduring talent. Of course, none of this would be possible without the trust of our airline partners. 

So, to all of our winners: congratulations and thank-you for your continued passion and creative energy.

Bravo to you all.