In the last 10 years, we’ve all come across a media expert claiming that: “Print is dead!” Once upon a time, we may well have braced ourselves with well-prepared sentimental view to past glories about wonderful “print moments ”. But as another month has passed, our print figures have gone up and more excitingly (in recent times) digital brands are also shifting into print.


There is no doubt, digital media has changed the game, but we’re happy to shout loud and proud that “print is alive and well” and it only takes a quick scratch of the surface to see the smart “digital first ” brands are in agreement with that too.

A number of high profile digital companies, have made the jump into print media. CNET, an online tech publication, launched its quarterly magazine, this was followed by AirBnB launching Pineapple to cater to the offline experiences of the AirBnB community.

Net-a-Porter unveiled Porter which enabled the retailer to connect with consumers in the most appropriate platform for them – print! A study of their top 10,000 most valuable customers revealed 80% said their most authoritative inspiration for fashion was in print and a further 88% revealed that a fashion magazine was their preferred medium. So it seemed like a no brainer really.

The magazine enables readers to tap, scroll and click-to-buy as they flip through its paper pages, thanks to images that come alive in the retailer’s mobile app – transcending the conventional way of content marketing.

In a recent article, Waitrose claimed that “print is its most effect channel for ROI” and that it allows enables the retailer “to tell a richer story”. Highlighting the tactile nature of print to form a sensory connection with readers using creatively branded print material, in-depth features and stunning photography to encourage engagement from cover to cover.

Without a doubt, the proliferation of digital devices has changed the way consumers consume media. But let’s not forget consumers live in multiple contexts – whether they’re socialising, shopping, on holiday or relaxing at home – and this influences their medium of choice.

The travel media space really showcases the power of print media and digital media. With passenger numbers set to increase by 3.8% annually, more and more people are at our fingertips in the most conducive environment.

So is the future one where print and digital talk to each other seamlessly…?

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