Tourism features consistently score the highest in terms of editorial engagement with inflight magazine readers across all the airlines surveyed in The Global Passenger Survey, proving the relevance of inflight magazines as a natural source of information and inspiration for this sector. The survey also found this high engagement to translate into action, with 31% of readers having sourced a holiday they had seen in the magazine. As up to 66% of passengers on some airlines say they plan their next trip whilst travelling, high interest in tourism drives readership of inflight magazine, with 97% of passengers reading the magazine in the last 12 months.

Equally consistent is the second-highest score for the Route Maps, which find favour amongst all airlines, in spite of their usual position often in the second-half of the magazine. However this position has been seen to have benefits for advertising and editorial placed in this section – with some magazines favouring this position for dedicated Business sections.

For business-traveller respondents in the EU Full-service group Hotel Reviews score more highly, as features and advertising are particularly relevant to this traveller segment, relying on editorial recommendation for their upcoming accommodation.