Every week, we’re going to be giving Made With Ink to a different magazine to post as they please. First up, it’s our New York team, who publish Hemispheres and Rhapsody on behalf of United Airlines…

Samuel L. Jackson does NOT like doing photo shoots.

“I’m serious,” he said this past September, during a Rhapsody cover shoot for the Ink title’s JANUARY edition. “I don’t like doin’ this s**t.”

But the actor and frequent Quentin Tarantino collaborator (he stars in the auteur’s upcoming western The Hateful Eight) was decidedly NOT talking about his experience with Rhapsody.

“I have to admit this is one of the better photo shoots I’ve done in a very long time,” the 66-year-old said, while pulling up a pair of black trousers.

Perhaps credit goes to the mild-mannered Ink veteran Christos Hannides, who art directed the shoot, or the fact that it took place in one of Los Angeles’s swankiest hotel rooms—the Penthouse Suite Inspired by Vivienne Westwood at the London Hotel in West Hollywood.

Whatever the reason, the experience was apparently a delightful one for Jackson, who shared some fun anecdotes from his early days as a film actor, including the following one, which explains why Jackson never wears Nike: While putting on a pair of gold-colored leather trainers, the Washington, DC–native recounted how when he first got to Hollywood and had a little fame, he called up Nike to see if he could score some free kicks.

“And they went, ‘Who?’” recalled Jackson.

A few hours later Adidas satisfied his request. And then a few hours after that, Nike called back with a sudden change of heart, to which Jackson replied, “F*** you!”

Originally posted on madewithink by Jordan Heller, Editor in Chef.