An exciting new three-part film series, “A Singapore State of Mind”, produced by Ink in partnership with the Singapore Tourism Board highlight’s the city-state’s lesser-known attractions and long-time favourites.

For the project, three Singaporean hosts were tasked with trying to truly encapsulate one of the following three themes: unity, resilience and strength. All words that help describe how Singapore has gotten through this difficult year and even managed to grow stronger as a consequence. The result is the following insightful films, focusing on the diverse range of qualities and characteristics of Singapore.

Nithiya Laila creates unity on a plate

The series kicks off with culinary anthropologist and TV presenter Nithiya Laila’s look at unity. Laila strongly believes that food is something that brings people together. She shows how this is the case throughout Singapore by spending a day sourcing native ingredients for one of her favourite dishes – a recipe for which is shared at the end of the film. 

Natural resilience inspires Ripple Root’s latest artwork

The second film focuses on a day with Ripple Root, the artist moniker of Liquan Liew and Estella Ng. The street artists and best friends have been brightening up walls across Singapore with collaborative projects inspired by nature and wildlife for more than five years. In the film, they wander through breath-taking nature-filled parts of the city that have inspired their work, passing some of their favourite street art along the way. They wrap it up by creating a new mural inspired by the day.

Mindy Tan finds strength when capturing her home city

The final film follows Mindy Tan, a professional documentary photographer. After years abroad, Mindy returned to Singapore and made it her mission to capture and photograph as much of the city-state as she could, in an effort to preserve its strong history and culture. In the film, she photographs some of her favourite ethnic neighbourhoods, which have managed to stand strong in the rapidly developing city. The film wraps up with a visit to Kallang River, where she used to take part in dragon boating during university, provoking powerful memories that give her strength.