To celebrate the final season of the smash hit series, we’ve created a definitive travel guide to Game of Thrones country for easyJet Traveller magazine, in association with Visit Westeros of course.

To mark the occasion, and to welcome summer in a Halo Top kind of a way, the magazine has four specially-themed covers, featuring one-off ice lollies based on the Westerosi houses of Stark, Lannister, Greyjoy and Targaryen.

The April issue of the magazine includes a guide to visiting some of the most iconic Game of Thrones destinations, including a city break in King’s Landing (Dubrovnik), a rustic retreat in historic Winterfell (Scotland) and a (white) walking tour Beyond the Wall (Iceland).

A global phenomenon

easyJet Traveller editor Jonny Ensall remarked, “The show is a phenomenon, so much so that Game of Thrones tourism is on the rise. We wanted to capture that enthusiasm in a funny, tongue-in-cheek way and imagine how a cheerily upbeat travel guide to Westeros would sound. Luckily, the real destinations where the show was filmed in Croatia, Scotland and Iceland are all lovely, and well worth a visit.”

The issue has four different, colourful covers, each featuring an ice lolly designed to pay homage to a Game of Thrones house. House Stark features frozen yogurt topped with desiccated coconut ‘snow’; House Lannister is lemon-flavoured ice topped with rich honey and edible gold; House Targaryen’s strawberry-flavoured ice is drizzled with gory raspberry sauce and House Greyjoy is blue slushy topped with waves of white chocolate. 

Summer is coming

You didn't think we'd just photograph the lollies, did you? Watch our special video for a taster.

 The lollies were designed by food stylist Seiko Hatfield and photographed by Louise Hagger.

“The challenge was finding the flavour that matched the house,” says Hatfield. “My favourite was House Stark. I love frozen yogurt and I reckon Jon Snow would too.”

Game of Thrones has contributed significantly to tourism in Europe. For example, since the show first premiered on HBO in 2011, tourism in Dubrovnik (which stands in for King’s Landing on the show) has seen an increase in visitors of 9-12% annually, according to the Dubrovnik Tourist Board.

The four special edition covers came to life in a new commercial deal with Halo Top, who this week are giving away 1,000 ice creams from a Russell Square phone box. Yum! 

Because summer really is coming…