More people celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday in the USA than they do Christmas. It also marks one of the planet’s great annual migrations as many millions of people embark on journeys to share the holidays with family, friends and loved ones; or perhaps take a well-earned break and escape to somewhere warm, sunny and quiet with their minuscule holiday allocation.

Last year the trade body Airlines for America projected that almost 30 million passengers would travel on US airlines during the Thanksgiving period; with Atlanta, LAX, O’Hare, Dallas and JFK being the five busiest airports during this time. It really is a nationwide and global phenomenon. Each one of those real passengers is excited to travel, to buy gifts, to visit somewhere new or just be surrounded by the positive vibes of holidaying.

Partnering with American Airlines and United, (two of the world’s largest airlines carrying over 350 million passengers annually between them) and being specialists in travel media, Ink understands the true value of this audience for the brands we work with. Inflight media is always inspiring and positive and it is targeted directly at the most affluent readership in the world.

This targeting is particularly significant around holiday periods as recent research confirmed, that those flyers ( or consumers as we like to call them) are 50% more receptive to seeing and remembering media as they travel at 30,000 feet.

Indeed, more than a third of consumers state that they plan to shop on Thanksgiving Day itself, declaring it to be part of their holiday ritual. It’s no real surprise then that 50% of the 220 million turkeys consumed annually are also eaten at this time (it might be a surprise to learn however, that almost 1 in 10 claimed that chitterlings would be included in their Thanksgiving dinner!) – whatever they are!

What does all this mean? It means that Ink can provide brands access to a 30 million-strong airborne audience with a potential spending power valued at more than $9.6 billion.


Ink can help brands speak to them directly through our innovative media solutions. This could be through our portfolio of inflight magazines that are read for an average of 25 minutes by 97% of passengers or a headline grabbing plane wrap ensuring maximum standout and visibility if you give us a few more months to plan.

Chances are then, that your brand could well be a topic of conversation at millions of Thanksgiving meal times across America this year; so drop us a line to find out more.