Is your brand ready to be in front of this crucial audience?

In the United States, November is always our biggest month - and for this, we give thanks

Author: Mark Duke 

More that 3.3 million people are expected to fly on just ONE day on November 25th. It’s a giant number of passengers, or “a captive audience who like to consume” as I overheard someone calling them last week.

Our advertisers will all be extra happy, as the expected travel figures for November will break new records and their brands will be in front of more people than ever before.

Airlines for America is projecting carriers in the U.S. will carry an average of 2.63 million passengers per day during the holiday travel period. Which is a 3.7 percent increase in passengers compared to last year.

And given that 89% of leisure travellers read the inflight magazine and that 66% of people are inspired to purchase when sitting in an aircraft – it’s going to be a bumper holiday season.

For our NYC and Miami offices it will mean a well-earned break from another award-winning year, but for the airlines transporting these millions of pumpkin-pie-starved travellers to their destination, it represents the biggest and busiest moment in the calendar.

But, before we all get stuffed with turkey, are you ready to capitalise on your target audience’s rapt attention at this vital time? Are you interested in putting your brand directly into consumers' hands through the might of inflight media? Or are you just going to let your competitors get the edge over you?

Such is Thanksgivings’ growing importance in the global economy, that phrases like “Black Friday” have become part of the worldwide vernacular. The root of the mega discount day has its origins in the fact that the day after Thanksgiving has long been seen as the beginning of the Christmas shopping season.

People now routinely part with their hard-earned cash in big ways throughout November and December.

It’s clearly a time to spend, spend, spend as well as a time to travel, with people racking up the miles to get home to see family and friends. It’s estimated that 75% of American consumers plan to shop at some point over the week-long Thanksgiving period, spending an average of $429 on products and services ranging from electronics, appliances, jewellery, and clothing.

So, the real question is: have you got your promotions raring and ready to go? Is your advertising media planned and purchased?

In the last seven years, we are seeing more and more people taking a week or 10 day vacation over this period to really maximise ‘the most wonderful time of the year’. Dream holidays and positive experiential travel are on the up, with the latest statistics showing significant growth in transatlantic trips.

But what does all this mean?

It means that we at Ink can connect your brand directly to a 30 million-strong airborne audience who have a potential spending power of more than $9.6 billion. It’s that simple.

Ink allows your brand to speak to its target consumers in a meaningful way through innovative media solutions. Whether it’s through our portfolio of inflight magazines that are read for an average of 25 minutes by 97% of passengers or with targeted digital advertising on essential travel documents like boarding passes and booking confirmation emails. It could be a destination video or headline-grabbing plane wrap ensuring maximum standout and visibility if you give us a few more months to plan.

As we partner with American Airlines and United (two of the world’s largest airlines) as well as Amtrak trains across the USA chances are that the brands featured in our magazines will be a hot topic of conversation at millions of Thanksgiving dinner tables across America this year.

Have you thought about featuring your brand in one of our award-winning European partner publications?

Norwegian Airlines and Virgin Atlantic are extremely competitive in the transatlantic flight market – and, ever price conscious consumers are jumping onboard their planes too at Thanksgiving for vacays to Europe and beyond.

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