And so it all begins again: the “holiday travel season”…

Ask a Brit when the “holiday season” is and I suspect that you will get a multitude of different answers. Some would jump to Summer holidays, the August bank holiday maybe; Christmas; or possibly even Easter; but in the USA there is only one simple answer and it’s this week. And wait until you know the increasing travel numbers - as they are simply eye-watering.

Airlines for America, the industries trade organization, (their spelling) has projected that 28.5 million passengers will travel on U.S. airlines during the 12-day Thanksgiving air-travel period, which, coincidently, is up 3 percent from 2016… and to put this into perspective – that’s almost the same as 1/2 the population of the UK taking to the sky in just a handful of days.

The 2017 Thanksgiving air-travel period runs from Friday, November 17 through Tuesday, November 28, with the busiest day projected to be Sunday, November 26, with an estimated 2.88 million passengers taking to the air. The average of 2.38 million passengers per day is expected to take to the skies, represent an increase of 69,000 from the same period last year. Airlines are accommodating this increase in demand by adding 86,000 more seats in the marketplace each day – which is a 3.2% increase over 2016.

But how does this lively holiday season positively affect the media environment…? Long story short, it’s the best time we have EVER had in travel media since our records began 24 years ago and we are seeing phenomenal retention rate of loyal advertisers month on month. But what is especially interesting and thrilling to us is the number of advertisers and brands that are returning to print having dipped their toes into the unidentified and monotonously infested waters of digital advertising having lost a limb to an unknown click, impression or failed “retarget”. Welcome, home I say. Good to have you back on dry and fertile lands with a plentiful supply of real people who are engaged and authentically consuming.

But the key here is to also understand the market and think globally. Do not just believe this to be a USA domestic exodus. I was chatting to a friend who owns 2 hotels in Morocco the other day there, and he told me that the Thanksgiving period was sold out months ago and at higher rates than Christmas or New year. So, I feel we all need to pay attention to this period, wherever we are in the world. More Americans will be on European airlines and crossing the pond than at any other period, so our strong tip is, get ready early and book your space in our magazines 9 or 10 months in advance to get the best rates and placements. And context is everything too. Black Friday and Cyber Monday also occur around this time and people’s minds turn to consuming in a big way – almost in the same way where January’s magazines will be full of diet plans, exercise regimes and products to fuel all of those good intentions.

So when the President of the United States stands up to pardon his first turkey, contact our London, Singapore or Sao Paulo offices, as they will still be hardworking to keep up with those every growing number of travelers around the world.

A happy Thanksgiving indeed – and if you still have your heart set on a digital dive, worry not, let us meet you halfway as we can now accept your ad via Blockchain and cryptocurrencies too.