The great Chinese writer Lin Yutang once said: “No one realizes how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home” and, as a global media company that started in the UK, we are incredibly proud to be partnering with VisitBritain and VisitEngland to promote the wonders of our home country.

Traveling is inextricably linked with storytelling and connecting people. It’s about freeing the mind from the daily grind, journeying to new places, enjoying different experiences, exploring unexpected opportunities and bonding with others by sharing your tales.

Every day, with the help of our expert editors and photographers, we guide millions of passengers and travel adventurers through an increasingly information-saturated world, encouraging them to learn and dream. Our content stimulates, enables and directs a traveler’s innate curiosity. As one of our editors said to me the other day: “we are turning real people’s dreams into real destinations”.

Last July, 3.8m overseas tourists spent £2.5bn on these shores as they took advantage of the post-Brexit collapse of the pound, enabling the UK to record its biggest-ever month for inbound tourism. Visits from North America alone were up 15% in the final quarter of 2016 compared to the same period a year earlier, while visits from other EU countries were also up 8% by the end of the year.

Identifying tourism as “a shining star in an uncertain world”, VisitBritain were keen to take advantage of this unique window of opportunity. Ink was able to help them pounce: nimbly, creatively and confidently.

VisitBritain understood our audience’s voracious hunger for information and inspiration, so it was only natural for them to partner with us to create an integrated and bespoke content solution, designed to put the UK on every passenger’s bucket list/list of must-visit destinations. And with the double potency the dollars strength and the pounds weakness, it is the PERFECT time for all markets to target the US visitor who is planning their next dream holiday or next trip.

Working closely together, we designed a series of exclusive editorial supplements in our easyJet & American Airlines inflight magazines, as well as creating original content videos and engaging our huge audience with advertising, competitions, videos, mailshots and social activities – all working together in a cohesive campaign to push VisitBritain’s message.


Think: significant storytelling, not just random faceless digital clicks

Think: tailor-made content and digital assets reusable across your own social media streams

Think: an established, trusted travel media brand that offers scale and a positive native platform for your messages


Great marketers understand the importance of building brands that evoke positive emotions and demonstrate deep character, without losing sight of the fact that they also need to connect with a living, breathing, tangible audience. Cue: travel media.  

As VisitBritain understood, our content reaches your target audience ready and waiting for you in the perfect upbeat and engaged mindset. So, if you want your brand, product or destination to rise above the clutter and noise of everyday life’s daily distractions, come talk to us about our 360 degree spectrum of promotional activities.

We have travelled the world and the seven seas, we have offices around the globe, we work 24hs a day and we inspire people to travel and - more importantly - AS they travel; so what better a way to reach the travel market than with the biggest player in that world?

Follow VisitBritain and create some noise around your brand.

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