It’s quite the accolade when the host of BBC Radio 4’s The Media Show says, “we were talking in the Media Show office earlier, and we think that Ink might have the largest circulation of any magazine group that we have ever had on this programme”.

Last week, our co-CEO Michael Keating was live on the prestigious BBC Radio 4 show to discuss the current state of travel media and how the industry has changed in the last 25 years. 

Listen to the whole programme here and the interview starts 14 mins, 20 secs in.

A captive audience

Vera magazine on board a plane

The main take-away for the millions of listeners was that inflight media is massively engaging and popular with airline passengers, but also delivers huge value to advertisers, as passengers numbers are growing and they’re an affluent, captive and otherwise hard-to-reach audience.  

So how can we help you grow your brand?

At Ink, we make this straightforward advertising promise – your marketing message will be seen by an engaged audience of real people (not fake online clicks) and we reach millions of your potential new customers when travelling. It's that simple.

We can make it happen

Richard Branson Virgin Aviation Gin

You want to be on the TV screens at airports as people eat? Deal. Want to serve your ads to a very precisely targeted audience via digital solutions? We've got you. You want to be shoulder to shoulder with some of the biggest brands in the world? Let’s get you on board the premium cabin of an international flag-carrying airline as they fly millions of people each week.

Pick up the phone and let’s talk about how we can unlock this unique audience for you and put your brand in front of real people immediately.

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