Author: Simon Leslie, Joint CEO

Meeting inspiring people, learning inspiring things

Put your arm in the air if you want to wake up feeling inspired and ready to grab life with both hands?

We all do, right?

As someone who has met many people from many different backgrounds and perspectives, as well as having built teams around the world for 20+ years, I have often witnessed a common theme. People don’t always know what the first step onto a positive path is.

I have felt for some time that whoever we are, wherever we are, we all need the following things: help, direction and guidance in life, as well as knowing that we should surround ourselves in a culture where sharing wisdom is the norm.

That’s why we recently invited British-American author of 5 books, motivational speaker and all-round leadership guru, Simon Sinek, to our HQ in London to meet and talk to the teams.

His knowledge is inspiring.

He has dedicated his life to studying leadership and its movements, moments and momentums. He is all about continued learning, mentoring, and creating systems for skill growth and I’m thrilled he came to visit – that that we beamed him into our Singapore office for a live chat!

Simon Sinek signing books

Motivational speaker and business role model Simon Sinek signing copies of his new book in our London HQ. Money raised from the book signing was donated to the charity Grief Encounter.

For years at Ink we have been creating an ecosystem of talent within a true meritocracy – where everyone is given a chance to reach their personal best.

As I set out I knew I wanted to inspire future leaders, offer mentoring and support, safe in the knowledge that this wisdom is cyclical. I want my new and successful colleagues to always look back and come back knowing that we made a difference together.

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