At Ink we’re always finding ways to help modern marketeers understand how that they can reach consumers on the go through travel media solutions. A common topic of discussion usually revolves around explaining what transumers are and how marketers can connect to this key audience. 

So lets firstly start by answering the question: What is a transumer? Is it a young leisure traveller? Is it a business traveller? Or maybe a jet-setting celeb?

Well in fact - a transumer is all of the above and more!

By definition, a transumer is a consumer on the go who is driven by experiences and discovery. More concerned with the desire to accumulate more experiences and stories, about living in the present, the NOW.

Why should you care about transumers?

The transumer market has been growing steadily for the last few years. We have seen more and more people flying both for pleasure and business, despite the success of Skype, conference calls and FaceTime. Consumer behaviour has also changed with products being bought as much for the brand content as the actual product itself. Its all about the story behind the brand, in the same way that travel destinations are often chosen for the story ‘behind’ the perfect picture .

Inflight magazines have been at the forefront of this trend, taking a look behind the scenes, showing readers destinations through the eyes of the ‘locals’. Travelling has become all about the ‘real experience’ rather than accumulating destinations on a bucket list.

According to the Global Passenger Survey, 66% of passengers plan their next trip while travelling, as opposed to when they have returned home. Driven by the excitement of their forthcoming trip, passengers are in the right frame in mind when seeing adverting and inspirational content from the inflight magazine, with overall 32% of passengers sourcing their ideas from the inflight magazine and 41% claiming to have purchased a product that is advertised in the magazine.

There is a transumer in all of us. We become different people when we travel, we buy things that would only appeal to us in a unique frame of mind. Discover how our travel media solutions can put your brand at the heart of that unique moment.