Targeted advertising on customers’ vital travel documents enables marketers to target your specific target audience across a range of touchpoints in the booking and travel process. These include:
  • email booking confirmations
  • email booking reminders
  • email itinerary confirmations
  • individual print-at-home boarding passes

You are able to select your exact target audience based on the following attributes; frequent fliers, origin, destination, gender, age, date of travel, fair class and nationality.

What’s really exciting about this advertising channel is how effective it is:

This is because you’re advertising on vital travel documents that are referenced multiple times from the moment of booking. We often say that advertising on a print-at-home boarding pass is the next best thing to having your brand stamped on someone’s passport - it’s a vital travel document that’s used at multiple touchpoints throughout the journey:

So how could this work in reality?

Imagine a family prints their boarding passes at home, up to a month before their summer holiday:
  • Dad receives a car parking service offer to redeem at the airport of departure
  • Mum gets a skincare offer she can redeem at the airport
  • The kids get discount offers to entertainment attractions at the destination

Throughout the travel process, the family members interact with their boarding passes when printed at home, on the day of travel, during check-in, when boarding and on the plane. Putting your advert in front of the right audience for your message can deliver incredible ROI. Read more about our targeted advertising options here.