Day in and day out, Ink makes a huge noise about the growing number of real passengers that are flying and travelling 365 days a year, 24/7. And, at times, we get blue in the face telling people what it’s like to put great media and brands in front of 800 million+ people (and rising) each year - but this week is special. It’s that exhilarating time when the world comes that bit closer to our HQ in London as the best marketeers descend on the World Travel Market (WTM) – and this year we are proud to be sponsoring a Digital Award at the event.

The WTM alone boasts 50,000 travel trade visitors in attendance over the three days, conducting £3.1 billion in business deals. So, this is the big business behind the HUGE business. Every country in every continent and in fact, almost every major city in the world will be in attendance – even a few Municipalities!

But “why” you might ask are all of these beautiful destinations and their smartest marketing people coming to London on a rainy November?  And the answer is really simple: Travel is growing and passenger numbers are going to DOUBLE in the next 20 years and everyone wants to get on board that very lucrative train (or plane). It’s like the smart money knows that there is an accessible international-travel economy with the legit billion-dollar GDP of a very prosperous country, full of people who are excited, curious, captive in their travels and who have money to spend and consume…

We know these facts from IATA (The International Air Transport Association), the World Bank and the UN. So, what you waiting for? A mis-spent click or an impression from a bot farm? Or do you want your brand to get into the hands of a real person at exactly the moment they are most ready to consume?

Come talk to us about our Targeted Digital Advertising, our Award-Winning destination videos for the world’s largest airlines and their 300m+ audience or discuss how we can make your brand famous to a global market via our 30 magazines.

Just think: Cruise liners to car hire companies, hotel chains to airlines. They all know how to get to their lucrative audience. What about you?

Get in touch now and let us help you reach your audience.