Air Macau

Air Macau is the national flag carrier based in Macau. The airline operates 20 destinations in Mainland China and regional flights that include Beijing, Seoul, Bangkok, and Tokyo. Air Macau is the designated national carrier for the special administrative region of Macau, with Air China as its major shareholder. Research show that about 35% of today’s luxury consumers come from China and their average spending per head in Macau is amongst the highest in the world. Air Macau is the perfect place to give your brand advertising visibility inflight.

Air Macau

Readership: 1.8 million 
Issues per year: 6

Air Macau is the bi-monthly inflight publication for the airline Air Macau. The magazine features culture, art, travel, design, celebrity and business. With its classy design, stunning photography and in-the-know content produced by local experts, Air Macau magazine is the premier guide to this booming Asian city.

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