Founded in 2012, AirClub is the leading corporate jet alliance of 7 airlines operators, with a fleet of 127 aircrafts, across Europe and North America. While headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland each operator retains its own identity, although passengers know that by flying with a member AirClub alliance. If you want your brand and it’s advertising to reach the top earners and decision makers this is the perfect market. The 7 airline operators are: ACM Air Charter, Air Alsie, Air Hamburg, Flying Group, GlobeAir, Prime Jet, PrivatAir.

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Readership per year: 406,415
Issues per year: 4

AirClub magazine is the quarterly inflight magazine published for AirClub. Found exclusively on every private jet in the fleet, VIP lounges and selected five-star hotels around the world, AirClub magazine reaches over 400, 000 passengers annually. With a unique editorial mix of fashion, travel, luxury and culture features, the inflight magazine provides an elite environment for advertisers to connect with a highly influential audience which includes royalty, heads of state, celebrities and private aircraft owners.

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