Amtrak is the American national rail operator, serving 500 destinations in 46 states, and carrying 31.7 million annual riders on 21,300 miles of routes. Amtrak has 84,600 riders per day on 300 trains and a high level of lucrative business and commuter travellers on the Eastern seaboard line between Boston and Washington. Advertising opportunities are available in the magazine, on the new digital content portal and on the vast monthly newsletter to customers and passengers.

Amtrak magazine, The National Magazine

The National

Readership per year: 31.7 million
Issue per year: 6

Amtrak’s award-winning national magazine celebrates the railroad’s unique position as the one true American company that unites the country. Whether you’re from Hollywood, the Midwest, or New England, taking the train means riding Amtrak. The National is a culture magazine that celebrates America and the experience of travel—taking a break from the hectic nature of life to savor the personalities, culture, and destinations that can be found across the vast Amtrak route network. Hand-crafted by some of the country’s best writers, editors, and designers, The National will delve into life along the Amtrak network.

Magazine Website

Ink launched a new responsive website housing the content for the National Magazine in August 2016 and worked with Amtrak and their in-house teams to upload that content directly on to every train ensuring a seamless and quick download time not dependent on outside connection speeds.

Every edition is supported with a newsletter to customers and a raft of social media outreach.


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